I got a 'real' job.

Kitchen Print Maker


Hello, I’m Steve Woods from Imprint.

This is my new job... it's a weird one and if I didn't invent it myself I wouldn't have believed it.

It’s my job to get you standing there in complete satisfaction, smiling from ear to ear and looking smok’inly cool in a T-shirt with your own art and design on it.

Firstly to prove to everyone it’s possible but also so we can see that your art once printed into a real form like a T-shirt is a legitimate product.

Your Job.
It’s your job to work out what your art is and who is it for.

We can help ...

There are thousands of ideas! And that is where you start. It’s really unlimited. You can print for people or print your own brand, you can create a genre or a unique business idea - either way, whatever direction you want to pursue I can teach you how to screen print your art.

 4 colour poster print by Charlie Nivision - AKA Silly Pear

4 colour Poster by Charlie Nivision AKA 'Silly Pear'

I personally am an insane believer in people and purpose and enterprise and love to teach. And I am a huge fan of ‘Power to the people’ key entreprises like ‘PRINT’. In my mind there is very few industries that deliver such exponential power and value to both the maker and the user as Screen Print. And I say ‘Power’ as I’m also a huge fan of the revolutionary power of the poster or T-shirt print spreading ideas and art around the world.

I’ve always been an artist of some sort from a 5 year old kid drawing on my parents bedroom wall in bright red lipstick (Denied of course) through to food in an earlier life as a Baker Pastry Cook (getting semi famous for Birthday Cakes) through to designing for Films and Retail Spaces as a Graphic Designer and printing thousands of meters of fabrics and thousands of T-shirts and Posters all by hand all in waterbased inks.

 3 colour waterbased T-shirt print by Bunkwaa Comics

3 colour print on black or white Tee or poster by Bunkwaa Comics

Through this slow moving car crash of an art life I’ve had I’ve learned a few things and so they become the keys to the city in my mind of dragging art out of your heart and soul and getting it out onto a product of some kind. The usual vehicles being T-shirts or posters.

Like they say in all the motivational psychology blogs these days - it's about getting out of info mode and getting into production mode - not perfect as that is a trap in itself but in action.

Regardless of your art - there is a market - there is gifts in process and it opens the doors on your next designs.

Egy Boy hand printed T-shirt

T-shirt by EgyBoy (Lithuania)