In the Beginning - the one thing that really mattered.

When starting out in printing I was already a Designer of sorts and was previously a producer / manufacturer in food and I found after years of creating physical products it was hard to adapt to being a designer and not seeing many of my finished products.

I found this to be a compromise and went from a graphic studio in Redfern called Brandzoo to my first screen printing business called Screenhaus. This made total sense as I was surrounded by really high profile Designers and Design and it was radically diverse and I also got to produce the physical product.

What's even cooler was this constant line of people in start-up businesses and clothing brands and I really loved working on multiple briefs all the time.

We ran exhibitions and printed other peoples exhibitions and brands but the thing that I got to do that was the thing that really mattered in a way of personal reward was play. Really getting into the creative field to cross reference and look for new insights and ways to bring that to life. This element of play was the thing that really mattered to me. It was challenging, just outside my skill set, fun and achievable if I could push out far enough.

Typically I have a seemingly unmatched video with this story but it's not - I literally hear this and smile as soon as I here the music. We were literally playing and working out how to do 4 colour process ourselves at the time.

So this really summed up the mood where we were when we started to find our feet as screen printers as we worked on peoples brands, made a video or 2 and found music and spliced stuff together - it was fun.

And this is still the stuff that marks time for me. When you make sure you're having fun, the flow comes easier. I heard a saying lately and it said. 

'It never gets easier but it get's better'

... and I thought that pretty apt. So finding the fun in the work and finding new art to express is what it's always been about to me. In discovering the hand process and creating the real product when you are handed an art file is fantastic fun and a real pleasure to master that process as you learn.