Printing and playing and swimming in waterbased inks

I love waterbased inks - mostly because they make inspirational things possible.

In my life I have always created product - it's a core personality driver. I make stuff and always have. I cherish enterprise like it's part of my soul and although I can dig the art of the sale or trading stock markets or being an advisor or influencer - I can't actually make sense of something until I know what it is we are selling or making or trading or advising about. I make a joke but am pretty serious when I say I feel sorry for people in the sky scrapers in the CBDs' of the world in their offices reading spreadsheets and emailing about and counting things that I've made, looking out their windows to the industrial areas and sheds and backyards where we are having all the fun. Where we work with our minds and our hands and make things from ideas and create products and real enterprises.

So in short - I have to create. And waterbased inks make it possible. Firstly they make it possible to print commercial level screen printed art onto commercial quality textiles that make your products truely professional but they also allow you to embrace the art of screen printing in your home or in your studio without having to engage with chemicals around you or kids or pets or whatever. Being waterbased - they wash out in water. And being waterbased the finished product is also non toxic on the skin. Not many people realise but with many plastisol inks they will emit carcinogens and as they heat up in work or fitness environments (or when you are sleeping) they sweat even more. You might think 'Yeah so what' but dig this. It's actually illegal to print underwear and baby clothes in plastisol inks.

AND - I'm a greenie (Environmentalist) and I really, really don't like the idea of phalates going into the water and freaking out fish and sea life.

Yep - those plastisol inks are freaky. But waterbased inks are cool. They make stuff possible without the excess cost to the environment.