Whatever it takes - bending rules.

They say 'the whole enchilada' as a way to express that the whole concept is complete. It needs no side salads, no red wines and no dessert to work.

And that is exactly what the whole 'Imprint Kitchen' screen print idea is all about.

1. A lifelong fan of art and an avid student and absolute addict for enterprise and communication.Therefore I get to teach art to product to brand.

I love enterprise. Not only is it good business. We wanted to teach printing as it's a brilliant business. I believe to be one of the great business models.

2. Print is exponential and a true communications tool.

The thinking behind the IMPRINT machine and Screen Printing in general as far as I was concerned was about working it out and seeing what was possible - so part of that became what was possible for people at home with no equipment but people who had great art that needed to be expressed.

So as much as this is uncut video, sort of on subject - it is exactly what we try to show people. How to do it without all the gear. It's important for me to show people that if our design ideas are solid then we find a way to make it fly.

This clip is 'Printing 2 colours directly on a flat table.'

Many screen printers would turn in their graves knowing we were teaching such cowboy tactics but really - to us - it's about getting it done.