About us

Hey, this is Steve Woods,

We make art and print product ideas possible by making more and more of the print process accessible so that people like you can create the images, messages, T-shirts and brands you want to create and see in the world.

Image of Steve after Rock Screen Paper

Our latest incarnation is challenging every parameter of Screen Print from the space it takes to print to the inks and systems used in the endeavour to make it possible for people to really print professional finished art and products at home or in a Graphic Studio or shed. 

To me - Screen Printing has this incredible gift of being capable of fantastic results very fast. We've worked and are working on simplification of all ideas to progress this even further - removing obstacles - and fast tracking essential ideas.
There is really not many Art forms that you can dive into like print and whilst exploring the new aesthetic values quickly - getting traction on the systems getting back to the pure enjoyment of exploring the Art itself. Like playing with flavours in cooking - there is no rules except - the taste as in with print 'the image is everything.

Hence our references to recipes and processes embracing the physical, social and metaphorical idea of the Kitchen. 

I love the idea of the kitchen printing as social with people gathering around the kitchen bench, where the greatest of plans are hatched, ideas are argued for and against and a plan or design is just as likely drawn in gravy or in whiteboard marker across the fridge. Kitchens are like these great centres of delicious family alchemy and as a social crossroads - a good red or a few beers goes a long way as well and should be on the ingredient list.

I am always inspired by the people un-afraid of being originals - in attitude, politics, stories, music, art or whatever. We're here to create the original works of you - to clear the cobwebs and let the myriad of colour and shapes flow from your mind and onto something real.

To find your original art.

To print and create.

To play. 



Grab an apron, Welcome to the show.