Frequently Answered Questions ... yep - you read that right ...


Do you only supply waterbased inks - Yep - pretty much everything we do is waterbased inks. Waterbased inks are safe around kids, pets and in your house or studio. Plastisol inks are illegal for toddlers and lingerie - when I worked that out - I started hearing about plastic emissions and skin absorption sweating in gyms and while sleeping ... so yeah, waterbased inks are what we do.


Waterbased inks allow you to wash up in water - be careful if you are using a shower as some inks will stain grout. Hint:- Never allow your ink to dry in the screen.

If you leave your ink in the screen and it dries - it may well be ruined and no longer usable. So when you're finished - wash up. Or pay someone $5 to wash it for you (Or hide it and buy another one).


We figured the biggest exposure to complications was people coating, drying and exposing screens. So we do the bits you don't want so you can do the parts of the process that suits your place. And we do this service via courier / mail or pick-up. So we supply 43T screens standard textile screen, 62T standard detailed textile screen and 90T standard poster Inks screen. We can supply them blank so you can coat yourself and shoot or we can supply a black bag screen already coated in emulsion and dried in our dark room that you can expose in the sun or we can expose your image onto the screen and send that out to you ready to go.


All screens last for multiple designs. We've had screens that have literally had 50 different images exposed + printed and removed and re-exposed with a different image multiple times.

Therefore, yes you can send a 'clean (meaning ink washed out)' screen to us and we can strip the image out and put in a new image and send it back to you.


We'll work out more versions of this but at first we are using Australia Post as they will literally deliver to your dog standing out front of a cafe in Mount Isa. Courier services can be cheaper but don't have the patience to check it's your dog - so Metro services and major towns will be the first to get an upgrade (or downgrade) to a courier service. I'm sure this will happen when we get an accountant type person obsessed with saving 34c - but until then - Aussie Post will get you there.

Or you can pick-up at the factory in St Peters.


Yep - we used to teach a lot and started to branch out into illustration and design, poster and yardage classes. And we are currently running one class per month for anyone and other specialty classes. And will open up others as we go. Our main emphasis will be on an online class going forward.


We can't even work out what to call it - it's not really a machine as it dosen't have an engine or moving parts. It's not really an apparatus as it dosen't interact although it facilitates as an apparatus with squeegee and screen and human. We were thinking it's a print bed - mostly as we've also invented 'Print beds' using the same registration systems etc as the IMPRINT except they are 3 different 'Print beds' for Tea Towels, A1 posters and yardage printing.

And yeah, it's our invention, co-designed by Steve Woods and Seaton McKeon and we have design protections and Patents across Australia, N.Z., U.S. and Europe. Basically Steve created it after breaking machines in classes and endlessly having to fix stuff. So it came about as a registration system that had no moving parts, springs or hinges - so there was nothing to break. Seaston then came in and made it work - made it smarter and actually created teh art form you know today. Hopefully they will inspire generations and generations of people exploring their art and hand skills and making products as opposed to losing hand skills. One of it's many attributes is it's designed to be portable as well - you can literally carry it like a brief case or put it under your bed - compact, practical, portable and 6kg.

I like to joke around and say you can kill a horse with it but I love horses, so I've amended it to 'You can do serious damage to luxury cars with it'. It's also good as a coffee table, boogie board or shield.


I think they are the lifeblood of creative communities and a chance for you to put forward your best work and sometimes exhibit with others which is the real gift. So we do a few and encourage all.


We designed the IMPRINT so many small organisations could do their own prints ... but apart from that we try to help people that are doing other community initiatives ... tell us what you are up to ... we always try to help legitimate causes doing good.


We have a space where you can come to print in Sydney every Wednesday night and one Saturday if you've done our one day class. It all costs to belong etc and is charged for the use of different items. Tell us if you want to start a print club somewhere else and we'll try to help.

Remember - Rule one is the IMPRINT 'Print Bed' was made so your kitchen or design studio is now your print club. The thing that makes a 'Print Club' work is you and three mates in your kitchen. This stuff only works when there is a crowd - it's a crew thing. Someone designs, someone prints, someone opens the beers or get's coffee or makes scones or whatever. 'Always a crew'.

One of the all time legends of screen print in my eyes is Brandy Flowers from 'The Hit and Run' in Los Angeles - he means it when he says ' Crew runs deep'.