Introducing the IMPRINT machine.

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Join our Kickstarter Campaign to fund the first ever Imprint Hand Print Machines.

With your own Imprint Machine you can print commercial grade products with award winning waterbased inks and no chemicals in your own home or studio with one of the smartest and most portable screen print machines in the world. 

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The Imprint Machine-Print Bed-Aparatus

Image above: An aesthetic and functional design triumph. The most compact and portable multi colour T-shirt screen printing machine in the world.

Created first by Graphic Designer / Printer Steve Woods as a blending of technologies and cross pollintation of ideas from vast printing experience and then taken to obscene levels of form and function by Award winning Product Designer Seaton Mckeon. See the Studio Mckeon webpage by clicking here.

Patented and Design Protected across Australia, New Zealand, United States, Europe and the U.K. the IMPRINT is due for Release via Soft launch Sunday 29th September at our print shop in St Peters and Online on Monday the 30th September for a Kickstarter launch during October for November and December deliveries.

'Making screen print possible for designers so our art finds a path to enterprise product and ideas.'

The Imprint is designed so you can create your own T-shirts and do genuine production runs at home or studio. Designed to solve the idea of minimum runs  and costs of manufacture and flexibility in choices we are bringing print to the designers. We intimately know Design as I'm an Illustrator and Graphic Designer AND we know screen printing as we are screen printers with vast (12 years commercial) experience.

Click this link and we'll keep you informed about launch date info

Wolf Print by Blair Sayer Print by Steve Woods

This machine & system are designed to eliminate and mitigate challenges, tricks and known problems  between your art and your product.

2 colour shirt print

Above: A stupidly simple 2 colour print. You can print as many colours as you like on the Imprint. 

The IMPRINT has 3 main core ideas that make up the IMPRINTER STUDIO / KITCHEN system.
1. A portable, robust and compact machine.
2. Waterbased inks available (Permaset) available around the world.
3. Flexible screen solutions that cater to the user.

So simple, once practiced - we not only experience the touch and feel of creating a screenprint with our hands but it also opens the doors where you can see and make real ideas come to life through products and enterprises.

 The Imprint 'Good Stuff' Basic kit

WHY did we create the Imprint?

Over the last 12 years we held multiple exhibitions and exhibiting over 250 artists and taught well over 300 people how to print.

During these classes we discovered 3 main challenges -

1. People needed to buy a lot of equipment to continue printing when they went home.

2. People really liked the classes but wanted to keep learning more advanced techniques.

3. And machines would inevitably get broken during print sessions and classes.

 So our answer to this challenge was to invent a machine with no moving parts, springs or hinges of any kind so people could print in their kitchens and invite friends over for a drink and watch a few videos online and print without machines breaking or taking up heaps of permanent space.

 Ben Brown one colour poster

Prints on Paper up to A3: Print by Ben Brown
Yep - with the Imprint you can print labels, cards, papers.

Like learning to read or getting access to technology was the issue 10 years ago - we now believe it’s about developing hand skills, visual interpretation and physically expressing the ideas.


How do you buy an IMPRINT machine?

Through true community power we are launching via Kickstarter where people will pledge to purchase a machine in various kits to suit their ambitions and budgets and once funded over a 30 day period we will then produce the machines with the money raised.

Work days are busy but don't miss out >
Click this link and we'll keep you informed about launch date info

There are limited early bird versions for the first pledges available.

If you would like to be part of the first production run of 12 being delivered the first week of the Kickstarter launch,
Complete kit prices are from $585 (Start-up) to $975 (Enterprise) + Signed and numbered Limited Edition versions by Sindy Sinn and Ginger Taylor (available only through the KickStarter campaign) at $1740 all plus delivery.

To secure yours now email me steve (at)

6 only left at time of soft launch Sunday.