We wanted to play more and felt that the most relevant area to play in was a blend between street art & 'Pop Art'. Pop art was where we could really push metaphorical and physical boundaries and street art as it embraced both fashion, film and music and anything that was contemporary for people on the street. So we rang a few illustrators and started a competition and launched with the 'Great Arcade T-shirt Party'. Working with multiple artists where people chose a design and was printed on their shirts. The comp was won by Ben Wong. 

Artists on the night were Esjay, Sebastian Vicaro, James Jirat Patradoon, Ben Lisa Godfrey, Owens, Mike Watt, Onnie Cleary, Anthony Ishinjerro, Manisha Moongold, Anton Benois + more

A very cool opening night!!!

T-shirt Screen Print Party

Art by Esjay James Patradoon Sebastian Vicaro Onnie Cleary Lisa Godfrey Ben Owens Mike Watt


'Rock Screen Paper 1' Hand Print Poster Exhibition.

Event art by Blair Sayer and Ben Brown

Rock Screen Paper 1 Art by Blair Sayer and Ben Brown

Rock Screen Paper 1 Crowd Scene


Then we did ...
'Rock Screen Paper 2' Hand printed poster Competition

Rock Screen Paper 2 Exhibition by Print Edition - IMPRINTER

Art by Sindy Sinn, Mike Watt & Lachlan Bruce

Crowd and artworks at Rock Screen Paper2 Exhibition

And then ...

'Pop Screen Tee' Taran-Tee-No T-shirt Competition

POP SCREEN TEE Taran-tee-no Event Poster

Art by Blair Sayer

Pop Screen Tee -Taranteeno T-shirt design comp from Poets & Pirates on Vimeo.


 And then ...

'Rock Screen Paper 3' Supervene Poster Exhibition


Art by Mr Edwards

Ludo Gallery Singapore Supervene Poster


Featured art for Ludo Gallery was Sam Shennan.

What's next - wow - you wait and see ...