62T Standard Size Finer Mesh uncoated Screen

62T Standard Size Finer Mesh uncoated Screen

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Art / Print area of 32cm x 38cm-ish /  12 x 13 inches U.S.

*The go to standard screen that does everything for textiles and Paper. 

Tech stuff below ...

This size screen is good a bigg-ish back print (30 x 20cm-ish) and a smaller print 8 x 8cm for the left hand side breast or 30cm x 10cm-ish (2 images) on one screen.

Outside frame size 500mm x 600mm / 19 1/2 x 23 1/2 inches U.S.

62t (threads per cm) Mesh count Australia, U.K. / 110T U.S.

Real Commercial quality solid 1.2mm thick 34 x 34mm aluminium welded frames with Swiss mesh.

See our video on 'How to coat your screen'.

PLUS POSTAGE AUSTRALIA WIDE Allow pprox $15 Sydney / $25 NSW Country / $25 Melbourne, Brisbane / $30 Qld or Vic Country / $30 Adelaide & PERTH

Anywhere but may need to quote.